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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Collections Of Tools Sorted By Makers

I realize that some of you are looking for tools by specific makers to either fill a collection or add to a set you already have. You have sent suggestions to group tools by the more collectible makers and I listened. This page features tools from the more requested makers at this time - Gomph, HF Osborne, and more recently Dixon Tools. The tools are initially going to be grouped by type of tool. As fresh tools are added, they will appear at the beginning of each gallery for easier searching. These tools are also featured on the dedicated pages by type of tool as well, we just put them here also for easier searching. The thumbnails may be smaller due to the sheer numbers of tools on the page, but if you click on them they will open in a larger size along with the description and price. Thank you for the suggestions and I welcome any additional input to improve this page as well as others. 

Dixon Tools

Dixon Tools in England was one of the oldest tools companies in continuous family ownership. They ran from the early 1800s until they closed recently. Their tools were respected as the some of the finest working tools worldwide by tradesmen for decades. 

HF Osborne

HF Osborne left a partnership with his brother, CS Osborne in 1876 to go on his own. He produced tools under his name until his company was purchased by the CS Osborne company in 1905. The HF Osborne tools were and are respected for their fine quality.  

Gomph Tools

Henry Gomph produced tools in Albany, NY. Tools were made under the Gomph name from the later 1860s through the 1920s. Gomph tools were among the most highly regarded tools of their day by professional leather tradesmen, and and their quality and durability carries through today.