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When you are looking for proven leather tools to add to your workbench, I can help you find the appropriate tool. I feature vintage quality tool makers like Gomph, HF Osborne, Sauerbier, CS Osborne, and others. I also have some tools from modern makers as well at times. I scour the planet for leather tools, refurbish and restore them, and then list them here on my site for sale. I am also listing some new tools. I have new tools from Wayne Jueschke, Richard Brooks, William Klutts, and CS Osborne. 

I have been working with leather for over thirty years and have personal experience with many of these tools. Please feel free to browse the leather tools listed for sale, view samples of my past leather work, check out some of the tutorials listed on the site, and visit the resource page for some tool maker history and links to other people in the leather industry.  

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Head over to the tool listing to see hundreds of tools I currently have listed for sale from numerous makers including  Gomph, CS Osborne, HF Osborne and others.

Don't forget to check the Recent Additions section below for the latest tool additions!

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What you see on the site is kept up-to-date, but you can find out more about the buying process, shipping, and more here.

Included are some FAQs and ways to get in touch with me if you have any questions or want to discuss anything to do with leather tools.

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More About Me

Learn a little bit about me and my business in Oakdale, California. 

In my brief bio, I tell my story of how I got started into leatherworking and how I migrated into the tool side of things. You can see a worldwide map where I have sold tools, and browse some of my leatherwork.

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Being part of the leatherworker's online community, there are some helpful places to join with others in discussion about tools, techniques, suppliers, and more.

You can also see a brief history of some of the more well known makers.

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Ever wonder what you might have missed out on?  Here are the last few items sold on the site.