Bench Mounted Tools

Leather Splitters

Leather splitters are used to reduce the thickness of leather strap either for the entire length or a specific section, like for a fold in belt. These a pull-through splitters that is pretty self explanatory, the leather is pulled through the splitter blade by hand. For details and additional information on splitters please read "Choosing a Leather Splitter" on the Tutorial page. 

Lace/String Cutters

Lace or string cutters are used to make braiding lace from larger pieces of leather or rawhide. Most of the bench mounted lace cutters will cut and bevel lace. Some also have a splitting feature as well to thin the lace to a desired thickness. 

Rein Rounders

Rein rounders are used to form leather and braidwork into a round cross section. Some horse tack uses rounds, as well as handles and leashes. For use please read the Rein Rounder tutorial on the Tutorial page.