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Resources and Links

Be sure to check out my page with a brief history of the better-known makers here.

Leatherworker Links


Leather Crafters and Saddler's Journal is a bi-monthly leatherworking magazine. They do a great job on bringing instructional and informative articles for leatherwork. They also sponsor several leather shows a year with classes for all skill levels and a trade show.

ShopTalk! is a monthly leather trade magazine and good resources with how-to articles and information about the leatherworking community. They also sponsor the Pendleton Leather Show in the fall. 

Leatherworker.net - An on-line forum for leatherworkers on the internet. Answers to questions, tips and advice, and fellowship.

Leather Wranglers - Home of the SK-3 Swivel Knife. Hand-crafted knives for all your leatherworking needs.

Makers Leather Supply is a leather, machinery, tool, and pattern supplier In Elm Mott, TX. Aaron and Janie Sue and the crew do a great job. They also have an awesome library of YouTube videos - Makers Leather Supply YouTube videos

Don Gonzales is a great leatherworking resource! He  is a saddle maker and has parts and pattern packs for smaller than saddle projects available. He has a robust lineup of Don Gonzales YouTube videos and "Lost Trade" Podcasts that are informative and entertaining!

Dragonfire Tools was brought to my attention by Noah who found my website helpful for his scout merit badges. Noah sent me this link to another website he found helpful and I'm happy to pass this along! The page has a good description of some common leather tools and their purpose. It has also has a pretty comprehensive listing off helpful links for leather works. Thanks, Noah!