CS Osborne New Tools

We are now stocking a limited number of new leather tools made by CS Osborne. I know there are several CS Osborne dealers on the internet - Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and others. What sets me apart? I am not just transferring a box with a tool in it. I take the splitter out and put a final edge on the blade. Round knives are sharpened to a ready to use edge before you get them and these are realistically nice knives when they are sharp. I have a machine to quantitatively measure edge sharpness and the difference is big. Hammers are smoothed and polished. Punch tubes are sharpened. All the strap end punches have been sharpened. Even the fids are further polished to slide easier through your leather or braids. I am also stocking small parts like the draw gauge shims/gibs that are often missing from the used and vintage ones. I am selling "stock" draw gauge blades as they come or the option of the sharpened draw gauge blades. We will be adding more tools as time goes on.