Sharpening Tools

This page features both new and used sharpening jigs and supplies to help sharpen and get the best results from your leather tools. Please click on the thumbnail pictures to bring them up in a larger size and read the description and pricing.

Horse Shoe Brand Tools Edge Sharpening Plate

I have had these for about a year and have shared a few with heavy users of leather tools to try as well. My experience matches theirs - these are the correct profile to sharpen nearly every round back edger on your bench - Gomph and CS Osborne round back edgers, Tandy edgers, bissonette edgers, round back French edgers, Vizzard edgers, and everything I've thrown at it. Simply choose a ridge to match the profile of your edger, lay the abrasive media over that and draw back with your edger the sharpen the edge. Follow with a light buffing or stropping on top and bottom to remove the burr on top polish the edge and you are ready to go. They are a generous  5x5 inch size for a good stroke and can be screwed down to a board or bench. They come with samples sizes of three grits of fine abrasive paper to get you started. Like my other new tools I am selling these at the same price as the maker. If you are already ordering from Jeremiah and Colleen, consider this a testimonial. If you are ordering something from me, throw one on your order here. I like them!  

Leather Stropping and Slicking Disc

This is an accessory I've made up for personal use but never really "produced them" until recently. These are 4 inch stacked vegtan leather discs glued together and mounted on an arbor for chucking into a benchtop drill press. You can apply your compound of choice to the ridges - black/green/white and polish and strop the concave edges on your round back edge tools. Recently a few people have let me know they use them to burnish edges on leather projects by charging the grooves with waxes or edge slicking mixtures of choice. You don't want to interchange functions with a single one however. Use one for edges and a separate for burnishing. I am going to try to keep these made up and in stock.