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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Awl Blades - These are diamond profile awl blades that I have sharpened and polished to be ready to use. I start with CS Osborne  blades and take them to a finer edge and durable point. We are stocking two styles and several sizes with a few more sizes to come. 

Harness Style Awl Blades - These blades have a long edge from tip to the base. They are the most commonly used awl blade style for general sewing. The #42 and #43 sizes have a smaller end will need to be driven into a haft or used in a haft with a chuck that closes down fairly tight. 

Saddler or "Snake Head" Awl Blades - These awl blades have a flared tip with the point and edges sharpened then a rounded shaft. Many saddle makers prefer these for thicker leather. The end makes the slit and the round shaft holds it open.