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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

This is a catch-all section for tools that really don't fit one of the pages. Unless noted these are all in good condition and ready to work.

Repurposed Tools

This is section of tools that have been modified or reprofiled to make another special purpose tool. It may have been a  creaser converted into a push beader or push beveler, a double line creaser into a countersink, or others. Some of these special purpose tools were not available in the day so a tool was modified by the tradesman themselves. Some were old tried and true tool patterns that are not being made currently. Some of these have come in older sets and others I have done on request for a few years.

The Bargain Basement

If you are anything like me, you have memories growing up of going to the seemed-big-at-the-time department stores with a few floors, a real person running the elevator, and a penny gumball machine. Your parents drug you through every floor and you always ended up checking out the "bargain basment". I guess the modern version is Cabela's and the "bargain cave". Not to be outdone, I am opening the virtual leather tool bargain basement.

The scratch and dent section has the tools with some blemish or wear. The tools are functional, just not quite up to the higher standards. They are all satisfaction guaranteed.



"Scratch and Dent" Tools

The tools listed here are the "B" grade tools that I sometimes get. They are fully functional but have some sort of blemish, wear, or replaced parts to warrant putting them here. It could be a chip in a handle, tolerable amount of play in a stitch marking wheel, or something along those lines. The reason each tool is here will be in the description of the individual picture and they are priced to reflect that. As with all my tools, they are satisfaction guaranteed.