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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

This page shows an unsorted listing of specially priced tools we have for sale. If you have been to the leather shows and visited us, this is "Ms. Rundi's Table of Bargains" on the website. These may be more common tools perfectly suitable for use. Some  of the "specials" may have some wear or cosmetic issues and still usable. Books, magazines, and patterns are here! We use the same shipping methods as the other tools - priority mail whenever possible.   

Craftools - Originally made by the Craftool Company and eventually taken over by Tandy Leather. The pre-letter Craftool stamps date to before 1963 or so. These early versions are considered to be very high quality stamps with consistantly good impressions and compare well with many other makers.  

Craftool Pro is an upper grade line of stamps made of stainless steel from Tandy Leather. 

Hide Crafter stamps are very detailed and leave crisp impressions

Bargains and Specially Priced Tools

Books and Magazines