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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools LLC

Rein Rounders,Lace Cutters/Bevelers, Crown Splitters, and Trace Bevelers 

Sections below include -

  • Rein Rounders
  • Lace and String Cutters/Bevelers
  • Crown Splitters
  • Trace Bevelers

Please click on the small thumbnail pictures to open them up in a larger size and read the description.

Rein Rounders

Rein rounders are for drawing leather straps, braidwork, and laces through to create a round cross section for straps, handles, and tack. For instructions on using a rein rounder, I have a tutorial. Please visit the tutorial page above and feel free to preview or download that tutorial on rein rounders.

Lace and String Cutters/Bevelers

Lace and String Cutters/Bevellers - are used to cut and bevel leather and rawhide laces and strings for braiding. Most are designed to clamp onto a bench and cut to precise widths and then bevel the laces or strings. Some models also have a built-in splitting or leveling area as well. I don't get these very often.

Hand Lace Cutters

These cutters are designed to slip over your finger to cut lace and thongs by hand. Some designs use a resharpenable blade and others use a replaceable single edge razor blade.

Crown Splitters

Crown splitters are used to cut closed end lengthwise slits in leather. There is a vertical blade and adjustable width guide on both sides of the blade to ensure straight slits. Some applications for this bench mounted tools are slits cut in crownpieces of of horse tack or cutting the slits for "mystery braid" bracelets, handles, and belts.  

Trace Bevelers

Trace Bevelers were originally designed for doing wider bevels on sides of harness strap parts for horses. They can also be used for beveling saddle strings or beveling filler pieces for domed belts or strap work.