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Leather Stitch Groovers and Channelers

Stitch Groovers and Channelers

Stitch groovers are used to make a groove to allow your stitching to lay below the surface of the leather and be less subject to wear. Please click on the thumbnail pictures to see them in a larger view and the written descriptions and prices.

Compass Style Stitch Groovers

Compass Style Stitch Groovers are used to make a stitch groove parallel with the edge of your leather.

Patent Leather Tools or Freehand Stitch Groovers

Patent Leather Tools or Freehand Stitch Groovers are small narrow gouges used to cut a small channel for stitches to lay into. They can be used anywhere on a piece to make a sewing groove. They also can be used to cut the top of stitches to remove stitching - like for relining saddle skirts or doing repair work without picking stitches one at a time.


Channelers are used to cut a slit in the leather to sew into and then the slit is closed to protect the stitches from wear. They are mostly used by boot and shoe makers. Saddle makers use them to cut a slit in cantle bindings for doing a "hidden stitch" on the back. Straight channelers are known as American channel knives also.

Patent Leather Countersink Tools

Patent leather countersinks are a free hand tool used to mark a channel or groove for sewing without breaking the grain or removing material from the leather. The narrow ridge in the tip will make a groove and the smooth edges will prevent it from going deeply. This tool can also be run over stitches to depress them after sewing. For fine work some makers cut a traditional groove with stitch groover and then use this tool to burnish the bottom and edges of the groover for a particularly fine finished appearance.