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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Leather Edge Bevelers

Edge Bevelers are used to take off the square edges on leather. Larger size number tools will round the edges more. Please consider that size numbers are not standard. The newer makers like Craftool and some Osborne styles are smaller in the same number than some of these listed. Feel free to contact me for any questions regarding appropriate sizes. 

Bisonette Edgers

Bisonette Edgers are used to round over the edge or bevel the edges of leatherwork. They have a round hole sharpened front and back to cut on the pull or push stroke.

Round Bottom Edgers

Round Bottom Edgers are used to round over the edges of leather and will have the longest life, as well as being easiest to maintain the cutting edge. Most will also do a tight inside curve like on a belt slot.

Vizzard Edge Bevelers

Vizzard Edge Bevelers were made by Gomph. They have a rounded cutting edge profile similar to a round bottom edge but have an octagonal shank and slightly more drop in the shank.

Other Bevelers

Other types of edge bevelers that are used to trim the sharp corners from the edges of leather. There are several variations besides the previously listed bisonette edgers and the round bottom edgers.

Edge Shaves

Edge Shaves are a European tool that cut a flat profile for edge beveling. They have a longer life, are easier to sharpen, and have better edge retention than the flat edge bevelers commonly sold in the US.