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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Awls - This page features hand sewing awl hafts, lace pullers (blunt lacing awls), and Collar Awls (sharp lacing awls). Please click on the thumbnails for a larger picture with price and description. 

  • Sewing Awls 
  • Lace Pullers
  • Collar Awls

Sewing Awl Hafts - These are wooden sewing awl hafts with a chuck type end for changing awl blades. Unless otherwise stated they do not include awl blades. Awl blades vary by personal preference in size and length and may be obtained from several good makers. 

Lace Puller/Blunt Lacing Awl

These are collar type awls that have had the end blunted and cutting edges rounded over, then polished. They are useful for pulling lace ends through a braid without cutting a string. A good handy tool for pulling laces in saddle skirts, seat jockeys, and stirrup treads.

Collar Awls

Just a quick explanation on the collar awls. These have a sharp edge to cut a slit and an eye to pull a lace through. They were originally used to lace horse collars. Saddle makers use them to pull saddle strings for a restringing job or to pull the tag ends of lace to tuck them when they lace saddle jockeys or skirts together. They are also handy for pulling lace ends for stirrup treading too.