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Carving & Stamping Tools For Sale

This page lists leather carving and stamping tools I currently have for sale. These are all quality swivel knives, mauls, and stamps. Any measurements given are approximate and as close as I can get measuring the actual stamp. Just below are two galleries of stamps for sale from two preeminent stamp makers - Walt Fay and Ray Hackbarth. Below that are stamps from other makers that have been categorized by type of stamp.  

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Leather Carving Tools & Accessories

Stamping Tools

Ray Hackbarth Stamps

Ray Hackbarth was a stamp maker in Phoenix, Arizona through the 1960s. He was one of the earlier stamp makers to use stainless steel for his stamps. Many of the great carvers then and now prize his stamps for the very crisp clean lines and checkering. He had a brochure listing his stamps for mail order. Some of these stamps have a corresponding number to the brochure. His business and name were taken over by Ellis Barnes who then made stamps under the Gomph-Hackbarth name.

Figure Carving Stamps

Basketweave Stamps

Geometric Stamps

Border Stamps

Beveling & Leaf Liner Stamps

Flower Center & Flower Stamps

Shaders & Thumbprints



Seeder Stamps

Lifter Stamps



Backgrounding Stamps