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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools LLC

Carving & Stamping Tools For Sale

This page lists leather carving and stamping tools I currently have for sale. These are all quality swivel knives, mauls, and stamps. Any measurements given are approximate and as close as I can get measuring the actual stamp. 

Please click on the thumbnail pictures to open the gallery with more information and pricing.

Stamping Tools

Robert Beard Stamps - This is a section of the Robert Beard ProSeries stamping tools I currently have available. These are sought after stamps and the waiting list from the maker can be long. 

Just a little explanation here for some of the stamp makers listed.

Ray Hackbarth was a stamp maker in Phoenix, Arizona through the 1960s. He was one of the earlier stamp makers to use stainless steel for his stamps. Many of the great carvers then and now prize his stamps for the very crisp clean lines and checkering. He had a brochure listing his stamps for mail order. Some of these stamps have a corresponding number to the brochure. His business and name were taken over by Ellis Barnes who then made stamps under the Gomph-Hackbarth name.

The "Unmarked" stamps are just that - unmarked. They may have been made by McMillen, Eberly, or any of the other old stamp makers who did not mark their stamps much if it all. McMillen has been in business a long time and the most prolific, so odds are good most of the unmarked stamps were made by them. However we can't count out the other good makers of the day who made just as good a stamp. 




Flower Center & Flower Stamps

Beveling & Leaf Liner Stamps

     - Checkered Bevelers

     - Smooth Bevelers

     - Lined Bevelers

     - Leaf Liner Bevelers

Matting Stamps

Undershot/Lifter Stamps


Shaders & Thumbprints

     - Smooth Shaders

     - Checkered Shaders

     - Lined Shaders

Veiners and Wigglers

     - Veiners

     - Wigglers


Seeder Stamps

     - Smooth Seeders

     - Lined Seeders



Backgrounding Stamps

     - Checkered Backgrounders

     - Bargrounders

     - Roundgrounders/"Birdseye Backgrounders"

Figure Carving Stamps