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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools LLC

Basket and Geometric Stamps for Stamping leather. This page is broken into three sections - Basket Stamps, Geometric Stamps and Square Geometric Stamps. The square stamps are sorted into individual galleries by sizes. 

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Don King Stamps - are among the most sought after stamps in leather tools. Don King was a great saddlemaker and leather carver from Sheridan Wyoming and left his mark in the trade for sure. No trip to Sheridan is complete without a visit to the Don King Museum.  He made very fine stamping tools that are prized by many. These stamps are all in excellent condition and do not come up for sale like this very often. These stamps are all marked with the single line maker stamp - "Don King Sheridan Wyo". 

Basket Stamps

Geometric Stamps

Square Block Stamps

1/4 Inch

5/16 Inch

3/8 Inch

7/16 Inch

1/2 Inch

9/16 Inch

5/8 Inch