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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Concho Punches

Concho punches are used to make leather "conchos" or "rosettes". They need to be used with a fairly heavy maul and well supported stamping surface for best results.

Round Hole Punches

Single Tube Punches

Single Tube Punches are used to punch round holes in leather. They are sized by numbers stamped on the handles. They are also referred to as frame punches, plier punches, and other names as well.

Oval Punches

Oval punches are something I rarely get. They cut an elongated hole and good for strap holes to let the buckle tongue sit a little more flush.

Round Drive Punches

Round Drive Punches are used to punch round holes in leather. These punches are all sharp and ready to use. They are a mix of makers - Osborne, Bemis&Call, VBT, KeenKutter, etc. unless otherwise noted in the descriptions.

Round Arch Punches

I am now individually listing the round punches. These punches have all been cleaned up and sharpened - ready to use. Most are going to be Osborne, but there are a few other makers represented at times - Adco, ASF&T, Wm Johnson, Krauter.