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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Plough Gauges

Plough gauges are a European origin tool used to cut straps. They are used in a pushing motion. The blade is in line with the handle and will cut wider straps more easily than a draw gauge. These come from fine European makers like Dixon, Blanchard, Vergez-Blanchard, and Mayer-Flamery.

Dixon and other British Makers



Draw Gauges

Draw gauges are used to cut leather strips. The draw gauges are from American makers such as CS Osborne, HF Osborne, and once in a while draw gauges from Henry Sauerbier and others. They have all of the gibs/shims and all come with a new re-profiled and sharpened blade.

HF Osborne

CS Osborne

Other Makers

Lace Cutters

These are designed to put on your finger and pull away to cut laces and strings. They'll adjust up to about a a half inch. I have stripped these down, primed and painted, then sharpened the blades. These all have good blades, unlike a lot of them you find.