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Leather Splitters and Skivers 

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Leather Splitters

Leather splitters are used to thin and level leather. All splitters will level, but some models will also make a tapered skive. The pull through splitters work best on firmer leather such as vegtan and latigo - leathers that have some body to them,  There can be some questions about how wide of leather a pull through splitter can do. My general experience and recommendation is that they are good up to three inches of width, Beyond that it can get harder to pull the leather through. The extra blade widths will give you more edge to use before needing to strop or resharpen. For a more definitive tutorial on choosing a splitter, please see my Tutorial page and download the tutorial on choosing a benchtop splitter.

Leather Skivers

Leather skivers make a tapered skive on the edge of firm leather like vegtan or latigo leather. The skive can be adjusted for width and angle.