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Bruce Johnson 
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Leather Tools for Stitch Marking - Overstitchers and Pricking Wheels/Irons

Sections below include -

  • Overstitch Wheels - Gomph, HF Osborne, CS Osborne, Other Makers
  • Pricking Wheels
  • Pricking Irons

Please click on the small thumbnail pictures to open them up in a larger size and read the description.

Overstitch Wheels

Overstitch wheels are used to make spacing marks to aid in even hand-stitching and then to roll over the finished stitches to help "set" them. They have a rounded profile between the points to round up the stitch appearance as well. 

Gomph Overstitch Wheels

HF Osborne Overstitch Wheels

CS Osborne and Other Makers Overstitch Wheels

Horse Shoe Brand Tools/McMillen Overstitchers

Other Overstitchers

Pricking Wheels

Pricking wheels are also used to make spacing marks for hand-sewing. Generally speaking the points are a little sharper and more distinct than an overstitching wheel. Many who hand sew prefer a pricking wheel for that reason. Please click on the thumbnail pictures to see them in a larger view and the written descriptions and prices.

Gomph, CS Osborne and Other American Makers

European and Unmarked Pricking Wheels

Pricking Irons

Pricking irons are a European influenced tool used to mark stitch spacing for handsewing. They are lightly struck to make impressions only, not to go all the way through the leather like a chisel.