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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Knives & Other Cutting Tools


Knives for leather are traditionally round and head knives, along with a few other patterns. Makers usually represented are Gomph, Rose, and CS Osborne. Once in a while I have more historical knives from the Harringtons, Sauerbier, and other 1800s makers. I also occasionally will have knives from good modern makers also.

Rose Knives

Gomph Kives

HF Osborne Knives

CS Osborne Knives

Other Maker's Knives

Miscellaneous Cutting Tools

Miscellaneous cutting tools such as string bleeders and horn trimmers. String bleeders are used to cut slits for saddle string "bleed knots". Horn trimmers are used to to trim and profile the edges of saddle horns after they are sewn. I have these once in awhile and any I might currently have are listed here.

Rein Trimmers

Rein trimmers need a little explaining. Yes, they look like an overgrown common edger. They can be used for trimming excess linings from chrome tan to woolskins and edge beveling heavy leathers. They also can be turned so the cutting edge is vertical and used like a knife. Hold them with the bottom next to cut and they track straight. Turn them "toes-in" and they cut a smooth curve (think hand cut English points on straps for instance). The cutting edge is protected in the notch and they will not cut into underlying leather. There is a reason that every old time saddle and harness maker back in the day had one.