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Bruce Johnson 
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Leather French Edgers and Gouges

Sections below include -

  • Gouges
  • Improved French Edgers
  • Round Back/Round Bottom French Edgers
  • French Edgers - Gomph, HF Osborne, CS Osborne, Other Makers

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Gouges are used to remove leather for a few purposes. V-gouges and U-gouges remove leather from the flesh side for easier folding. Saddler's gouges are used to remove leather for inlaying lacing or buckstitching.

Improved French Edgers

Improved French edgers were made by CS Osborne and are fairly rare. They are used for edge skiving and have one leg that is below the cutting edge to act as a guide. 

Round Back/Round Bottom French Edgers

Round Bottom French Edgers are a little rarer to find. They cut a rounded profile on the bottom and are good for heavy edge beveling or to trim welts.

French Edgers

French Edgers are pushed and make a flat cut. They are used to cut miters for box corners, channels for folding, and can be used to thin or skive edges.

Gomph French Edgers

HF Osborne French Edgers

CS Osborne French Edgers

Other Maker French Edgers