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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools LLC

Leather Pinking, Scalloping Punches, and Benchtop Crank Pinking Machines

Sections below include -

  • Pinking Punches
  • Scalloping Punches
  • Benchtop Crank Pinking Machines

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Pinking Punches

Pinking punches cut a half round profile with pointed tips. They can be used for punching a decorative end on a strap or to make a scalloped and pinked edge.

Scalloping Punches

Scalloping punches have rounded ends on each individual scallop. They are not as commonly found.

Benchtop Crank Pinking Machines

Benchtop crank pinking machines can be found with different pattern wheels to cut a scalloped or pinked border. They are used on chrome tan leather, felt, and fabric.