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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools

Resources and Links

Be sure to check out my page with a brief history of the better-known makers here.

Leatherworker Links

Leatherworker.net -The largest group of leatherworkers on the internet. Answers to questions, tips and advice, and fellowship.

International Internet Leather Guild - Another good group of leatherworkers sharing information on the internet.

Leather Wranglers - Home of the SK-3 Swivel Knife. Hand-crafted knives for all your leatherworking needs.

Local Attractions

If you're ever in or around Oakdale, California, there are several attractions that we invite you to see:

Oakdale Cowboy Museum - The museum that celebrates and honors "The Cowboy Capital of the World".

Oakdale Rodeo - The second weekend in April. It might be 50 and raining or 90 and sunny, but it'll be western.

Western Folklife Center - A bit further away from us, the Western Folklife Center is in Elko, NV. Check out their store and pick out a poetry or music CD or three. We might suggest poetry by Randy Rieman or Joel Nelson. If you find yourself passing through Elko on I-80, stop in for a visit, they have some great displays.

Leatherworking Tunes

We mostly listen to music that gets you off the pavement. The folks will take you down dirt roads and get you on horseback:

Ranch and Reata - Streaming internet radio, the kind of mix you'd likely pick.

Dave Stamey - Award winning western singer and genuine nice guy.

RW Hampton - Another award winning nice guy and can sing them all.

Richard Elloyan - The biggest musical secret in Nevada.

Kandace Kalona - A great voice and talent, she writes them too.

Adrian - She wrote them and can sure enough sing them too. Just starting out, and she is a good one.

Wylie and the Wild West - He does the "Yahoo yodel" for their ads, but can sure sing a ballad, rockabilly, cowboy rock and roll, make you laugh or reflect, and keep you dancing all night at a live show.

Clear Out West - You'll like these Nelson boys - Some history, a little horseshoeing lore, some music and poetry, and a lot of laughs.