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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools LLC

Shoe and Boot Making Tools

Lasting Pliers



Patterning Wheel Tools

Fudge Wheels, Pegging Wheels and Decorative or "Crow" Wheels.

Nail Cups

These are the cast iron carousels used by cobblers and leather workers to sort and store small hardware like tacks, nails, rivets, and other fasteners. The tray turns on a separate base for easy reaching for the piece you need. They are cast iron and will stay in place on your work bench. The most common of these are marked "Star Nail Cup", but there were several other makers of them also.

Shaves and Planes



Knives - These knives are sold in cleaned up as-found or NOS condition. They have not been sharpened beyond NOS or used condition. I will leave that to the final user since the preferrred edges vary between users. The used ones are not worn out and I picked them as such. 

- Miscellaneous Knives

- Lip Knives

Rand File