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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools LLC

Hammers for Leatherworking

Sections below include -

  • Tack Hammers
  • General Purpose/Cobbler Hammers
  • Tack Pullers

Please click on the small thumbnail pictures to open them up in a larger size and read the description.

Tack Hammers

Tack hammers are designed to drive tacks and small nails. They have a longer face than traditional hammers to reach into tighter areas. The heel may be a straight cross peen to form and crease leather or a claw to pull tacks and nails. 

General Purpose and Cobbler Hammers

General Purpose and cobbler hammers come in several varieties. Smooth face hammers can be used to form and mold leather without marring, set a glue bond, and rubbed by hand to smooth leather. Some cobbler hammers have a textured face to drive and clinch tacks. The heels of these hammers are generally curved and used to mold, form, and smooth leather. The heads of these hammers are tight - some have been rehandled and some are original handles. By request I am listing weights of the hammer. Be aware that the listed weights do include the handle weight. 

Tack Pullers

Tack Pullers are used to remove tacks and small nails used in construction or for temporary tacks and nails used to hold pieces together for sewing or fitting.