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Bruce Johnson 
Leather Tools LLC

Leather Mauls and Swivel Knives

This page lists the mauls and swivel knives I currently have for sale. I nearly always have mauls available but I may not have swivel knives at some times. 

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Mauls For Leather Stamping and Punching

Swivel Knives

Beader Blades - These blades are made by William Klutts and designed to fit into a swivel knife and make parallel line bead line patterns to frame carving and stamping patters for a decorative look. These are particularly suited for curving lines that can be more difficult to do with a handheld push beader. These blades leave clearly distinct fine lines but are not "cutting sharp" to score the leather. For light leather sharper blades can cut too deeply and weaken the leather or cut through. On heavier leather you can make a pass with these beader blades to establish the lines, then cut the lines with a swivel knife to your desired depth, and come back with the beader blade to work and round the bead. These blades have a 7/32" shank to fit many common swivel knives.  The beaders do not require the "quick action" of a more expensive swivel knife as used for finercarving and they really work well in an inexpensive Craftool swivel knife. These are a tool we have multiples of each size on hand and are selling as "stocked items".