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Plough Gauges and Draw Gauges

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  • Draw Gauges

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Plough Gauges

Plough gauges are a European origin tool used to cut straps. They are used in a pushing motion. The blade is in line with the handle and will cut wider straps more easily than a draw gauge. These come from fine European makers like Dixon, Blanchard, Vergez-Blanchard, and Mayer-Flamery.

Dixon and other British Makers



Draw Gauges

Draw gauges are used to cut leather strips. The draw gauges are from American makers such as CS Osborne, HF Osborne, and once in a while draw gauges from Henry Sauerbier and others. They have all of the gibs/shims and all come with a new re-profiled and sharpened blade.

CS Osborne Draw Gauge Blades and Small Parts - You know those little shims that are always missing when you buy a used draw gauge? I have them. With my business of refurbishing it is usually hard to find the amount I needed. Most dealers didn't stock them and if they did - two here, three there. It was hard to sell any spares because I was needing them. I've got them stocked now and for sale. I am also selling draw gauge blades. I am selling the blades two ways. I am selling them  "stock" as they come from CS Osborne. I am also selling them sharpened and the pointed tip rounded over for safety. These sharp and rounded blades are the some ones I provide with my refurbished vintage draw gauges. For more information on why I do that, please read the Draw Gauge tutorial on the Tutorial page of the website.