Tutorial: Using A Push Beveler

Push Bevelers are a handled tool used for the beveling of swivel knife cut lines. They are most applicable to long straight lines such as the borders of a belt or large area of tooling. The tool is pushed along the cut line to make a similar effect as using a beveling stamp. They will speed up the beveling vs. stamps on longer lines.

Push Beveler tools – There are a few variations of push bevelers. Some dedicated push bevelers were made by CS Osborne and McMillen. These have a straight shank and bevel on one side of the end with a rounded profile. They can be flipped around to be used right or left handed and pushed or pulled.



I was taught to use a push beveler that is repurposed from a single line creaser. I make these up in the shop myself from creasers. The working end is ground to a smooth face at angle with the steep either to the right or left side. The face is polished smoothly.  Some users will want the steep angle to be on one side or the other depending on how you prefer to use it.


I am right handed and leaning over the piece, I prefer the steep angle to be on the right side and bevel the left side of the cut line. I was taught to hold the tool in my right hand and lean into it with my elbow at my side as I push it forward. The first pass is light to establish the bevel. On additional passes I lean into the tool with more force to make a more distinct bevel.


Some people feel like they have more control with the steep angle on the left side and bevel the right side of the cut line.


Other users will bevel “side to side” in front of themselves. This takes more passes for me but with some projects it may be easier to lay out the work. The tool is held and worked back in forth across your body in shorter overlapping strokes. I can’t put as much downward force on the tool with this technique so it may take more passes for a deep effect. For this technique I hold the push beveler in my right hand. I definitely want to choose a push beveler with the steep angle to the left so I am watching the cut line while beveling the side of the line away from me.